2014 Wedding Trends: Part II

Today, I am sharing a few more wedding trends I am loving for the 2014 wedding season!

1. Westcoast Wedding Inspired

Outdoors. Tents. Candles. Exposed Wood. Mason Jars. We have seen all of these before, and, yet, they staying strong this season – with good reason – these elements create beautiful outdoorsy, romantic weddings.


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2. Family-Style Reception

Buffets and plated dinners have long been the traditional way to serve meals at weddings; this year, tradition is getting mixed up! Serving dinner family style (with dishes to share at the table) is becoming popular. It’s a nice wait to offer variety and sharing is a great icebreaker for guests.

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3. Dresses With Unique Sleeves and Backs

This year, covered shoulders and unique backs are the biggest bridal gown trends. Old Hollywood glamour (think Grace Kelly) and new royalty (think Kate Middleton) are inspiring bridal looks.


(source, source, source)

One more post on my favorite trends coming soon!



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